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Christmas is Coming

Christmas is Coming With only 5 weeks until the Christmas festivities, have you planned your annual event? We have been on the go, as usual, since the moment the candy canes arrived. I enjoy the excitement created at this time of year and the happy faces that come into the shop with their list of goodies needed to make their holiday special. There's always phone calls from online shoppers hoping to get their Christmas Creations quickly, the challenge is always fun. Mini Candy Canes...
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Santa’s Visit

Santa’s Visit How lucky is Lollyworld to have Santa visit! He was picking up his candy canes that he’ll be giving out to all the girls and boys that have been good this year. You can have a visit from him too. He has his own website so Mrs Claus can keep track of where he’s supposed to be. VISIT SANTA  
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A decade of Lollyworld

Happy 10th Anniversary to us! Australia Day marks 10 years for Lollyworld, our little lolly shop in Lawnton. That’s quite an exciting thought to know what we have achieved in a decade, and are still going strong. There have been times where we thought it may not go the distance because any business can be brutal. There have been many lolly shops pop up all over the place, stores and online. Some we have watched do well while others disappear...
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Our honey is Nothin but Honey

Save the Bees – Bee the Cure This is a cause very close to our heart. Behind the scenes at Lollyworld, we are the randy bee, and our honey is Nothin but Honey. We have become avid beekeepers over the last 5 years. Starting with native bees purely for pollination (I have never had so many passion fruit!) But since having European honey bees it almost feels like a duty to expand the hives and keep them prospering. Thankfully they...
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Candy Blocks you can build and eat

Not often does a new product come into the shop that surprises me. Candy Blox is one of those lollies. I have customers quite often wanting to make a Minecraft cake for their son’s birthday and need items that would portray the game. This lolly fits the mould perfectly. The pieces like Lego actually fit together and you can build yourself what ever your imagination wants. Great for decorating that Minecraft cake. They are sweet to the taste and not...
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Easter 2017

Easter 2017 already that time again and although later this year, it has come about so quick. It still feels like Christmas just ended. Bulk easter eggs and lots of bunnies graced the store this year. Cadbury and Lindt, and 200kgs of Sorini mini eggs have already gone out and about the countryside. I love to see the faces of the little ones coming into the store, lighting up like they’ve never seen so many lollies let alone Easter...
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