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Santa’s Visit

Santa’s Visit How lucky is Lollyworld to have Santa visit! He was picking up his candy canes that he’ll be giving out to all the girls and boys that have been good this year. You can have a visit from him too. He has his own website so Mrs Claus can keep track of where he’s supposed to be. VISIT SANTA  
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Ordering Candy Canes in May… But Christmas is in December!

Move over Jon Snow, Christmas is coming! With the year going so fast you are not going to want to hear we have just put our order in for Candy Canes. Maybe it’s age or just the fact that you become so busy with ‘life’ trying to make the most out of every minute of every day that time just seems to disappear. Not that you don’t feel productive in that time, but you feel like you need more of...
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Christmas The Silly Season

Christmas the Silly Season When you’re a kid, Christmas can’t come quick enough. All you have to do is eat, sleep and await the man in red to laden beneath the Christmas tree an abundance of gifts that you’d spent months writing a list for. We’d spend each year on my Grandparents farm with all the cousins, about 20, and camp out in the paddock. Christmas lunch was always a roast, one that you then spent the next 20 years trying to replicate. The smell...
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