For phone orders, please call: (07) 3285 6559

How quick has the year gone??

Closed   24.12.17-14.01.18 

Just slightly excited, we have had a huge year. Adding Afterpay took our business to a whole new level of busy. As quick as it has gone, we are really looking forward to our annual break. The shop is closed for business for 3 weeks but in the meantime you can still make an order online. It will be processed and sent when we reopen in January. Most orders go out the first day but due to how many there can be, some may go out the next day.
You are notified if there is short stock or how long it might be.
The express orders will be sent first.

Our last day of trade will be Saturday 23.12.17 9am-2pm
The last orders we put in the mail is Wednesday 20.12.17 12pm cut off
There will be no postage sent after 20.12.17
until Monday 15.01.18 when we reopen.
No emails will be replied to until the 15.01.18
Please keep in mind your email is added to the tracking
as after we close we will not be able to track it for you until we reopen.


Wander through the pages of sweets from here in Australia and around the world. Be our guest or sign up and log in. You can calculate shipping prior to purchase. Add Cool Protection, this will keep your order in the best condition during transit. You will find something for a party, a promotion or just to peck. If we don’t have what you want flick us an email and we’ll see if we can get it. Any questions or feedback, please send an email to  Thank you for shopping with us and enjoy a World of Lollies at Lollyworld 😀

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A World of Lollies is what you’ll find, either shop in store, or online.

There are Jelly Beans, Jaffas, Milkos and Minties. Click on ‘Allens Lollies’ and find Australian jubes a plenty.

Harry Potter, Bean BoozledHersheys & Reeses. Without Peanut Butter M&M’s, I think we’d all go to pieces.

Dutch Licorice is really salty it’s our most popular line. Diamonds, Chalk & Herrings. Cats, Cubes & Black Coins.

We do Christmas gifts, Easter Eggs, Valentines & HalloweenGift Baskets, Gluten Free, too many, we have to be seen.

We love our little lolly shop, visit our Lawnton store. Or join our Facebook for new products, funny stuff and more.

 But mostly funny cat videos…  😆