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Where did the holidays go?

red tulip easter basket

When you plan a holiday the anticipation can be overwhelming and having to wait 12 months feels like an eternity. And then… GONE.

It had been a few years since we had the opportunity to travel and I was so looking forward to going to Hawaii. Sun, beaches, shopping, Pearl Harbour, shopping, Jurassic Park, Mai Tai’s, shopping. It now all seems like a lifetime ago. March!! only 8 weeks until Easter, the biggest time of the year for this little lolly shop, and already well into packing up the bulk mini eggs and creating Easter gift boxes. How does the time go so fast?

Easter gift boxes are a very popular gift item for Easter and there are a few pre-made to make it easy or let us know the items you would like included and we can custom make one.

Click on Easter and check out all the wonderful chocolate delights.

Easter 2019

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A decade of Lollyworld

Happy 10th Anniversary to us!

Australia Day marks 10 years for Lollyworld, our little lolly shop in Lawnton. That’s quite an exciting thought to know what we have achieved in a decade, and are still going strong. There have been times where we thought it may not go the distance because any business can be brutal. There have been many lolly shops pop up all over the place, stores and online. Some we have watched do well while others disappear before people knew they were even there. The 2011 floods wiped out our local bridge, walk in trade was all but gone. Railway closures, a new over pass taking traffic away made it very quiet. About a dozen stores around our local shops have come and gone. It’s not for the faint of heart, like any business, you have to have a heart of steel and a head of sharp mechanics, to be constantly aware of all that goes on and to stay focused.

Our business has evolved from when it started in 2005, under the house, as we made small mixed lolly bags we would sticker for parties, to around Australia corporate sales. In the last two weeks alone, over 200kgs chocolate gold coins have gone out just for Chinese New Year celebrations. Valentines Day is around the corner, Easter and Mothers Day. The wheels keep turning. We have you to thank for that. See the need, fill the need, in the words of Bigweld, and that is what we will continue to do.

Happy 10th Anniversary Lollyworld!



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Ordering Candy Canes in May… But Christmas is in December!

Chocolate Mini Santas 4kg

Move over Jon Snow, Christmas is coming!

With the year going so fast you are not going to want to hear we have just put our order in for Candy Canes. Maybe it’s age or just the fact that you become so busy with ‘life’ trying to make the most out of every minute of every day that time just seems to disappear. Not that you don’t feel productive in that time, but you feel like you need more of it. I love the festivity of Christmas. I love the 2 week break I finally get with an online business, free time becomes more of an enigma than a reality. People out there in the internet world look at your business as more of an automation than the fact that there are humans behind it making the cogs tick over. But that’s where the love of sending orders in the mail comes.

I had a pen pal as a kid, two in fact, one in New Zealand and one in America. The one in New Zealand came from answering an ad in a magazine for pen pals to write to her. She was about 11, as was I at the time, and the best thing in the world was receiving that letter in the mail. firstly because it was magical to me that something could come from a land so far a way and just that there was something in the post with my name on it, just for me.

That’s how I imagine receiving your box of lollies and chocolate would feel only it’s just that little bit better, isn’t it 🙂

The other was an exchange student we had at school I kept in contact with, she came from Milwaukee. And yes that’s exactly what I thought at the time, she must know Laverne And Shirley!! OMG I sang the song every time her letters came in the mail. That and ‘Grandma got ran over by a reindeer’ a song she had taped for me from a local college radio station, ah the memories.

So, CHRISTMAS IS COMING, get ready, we will have it up and ready to go in September, so keep an eye out at this link 🙂


Lollyworld specialise in a world of lollies, including Gift Boxes, Gluten Free Lollies, Wedding Lollies, Sugar Free Lollies and many more. Click here for a full list of products.

Contact Lollyworld today on (07) 3285 6559

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Gold Chocolate Coins

Gold Chocolate Coins bulk

Gold Chocolate Coins Bulk

Gold Chocolate Coins Bulk is an ideal product for your business to use for promotion. They are quite economical when purchased in bulk quantities. Made in Italy, they are also a superb tasting chocolate. Each coin depicts a $1 Australian Currency stamped on them and are around the size of a 50c piece. You can purchase a bulk 5kg Chocolate Coins and also 1kg Chocolate Coins. An excellent marketing tool or fun at your child’s next birthday party. A great addition to a loot bag or in a pinata, the great tasting chocolate coins will delight. Have Gold Chocolate Coins Bulk delivered Australia wide. You are also welcome to visit our store in Lawnton for pick up. Click on this link to order online CHOCOLATE GOLD COINS

Choosing ‘Cool Protection’ in the shopping cart will keep your order in the best condition. A foam box and also an ice brick for only $8 for you to keep. We recommend this for chocolate products during the warmer months. Australia wide efficient delivery, in perfect condition then in your belly.