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Dutch Licorice is Here in Australia at Lollyworld

When we opened our store 7 years ago, the only product line I was not keen on taste testing was this Dutch Licorice. It had a very salty taste and chewy, stick in your teeth texture. I could not imagine why anyone would eat this as a ‘treat’. Since then though, I would have to rate the Salmiak Rocks and Fruit Rockies in my Top 10. Never in a million years would I have thought this savoury ‘lolly’ would rate as one of my favourite...
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Candy Sugar Eggs

Candy Sugar Eggs are one those childhood memories that will stay with you forever. I loved getting them at Easter and I don’t think anything says Easter more than the Candy Egg. They just seem to be so hard to find. Well look no more because we have a lot of Candy Eggs in your traditional oval shape or in a heart shape. They also now come in a few flavours other than musk. Some are peppermint, passionfruit and blueberry. My favourite bit is the...
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Mixed Lollies for Parties

Mixed Lollies for Parties Mixed lollies for parties will help make organising your party that much easier. Great for goody bags to give out after the party or also bulk to put in a bowl. To help you Lollyworld uses Cadbury Fresha Party Mix and Allseps Australian brands. It includes some of your favourite lollies. With a yummy mix of Laughs, Strawberries and Creams, Raspberries and Milk Bottles. There is also Witchitee Grubs, Snakes, Jubes and Wine Gums. I love the Wine Gums and...
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Choo Choo Bars Licorice

Choo Choo Bars Licorice Choo Choo Bars Licorice were originally a Nestle product now made by Lagoon. It has been approximately 20 years since Choo Choo Bars left the shelves, but people have never forgotten them. Their make of this classic is sure to bring lovers into a tither scouring the specialty lolly shops for them. Lollyworld has Choo Choo Bars. A hard licorice toffee, suck them from one end or also break into pieces. Wrapped in an iconic blue wrapper...
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Gold Chocolate Coins

Gold Chocolate Coins Bulk Gold Chocolate Coins Bulk is an ideal product for your business to use for promotion. They are quite economical when purchased in bulk quantities. Made in Italy, they are also a superb tasting chocolate. Each coin depicts a $1 Australian Currency stamped on them and are around the size of a 50c piece. You can purchase a bulk 5kg Chocolate Coins and also 1kg Chocolate Coins. An excellent marketing tool or fun at your child’s next birthday party. A great addition to a loot...
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