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Choo Choo Bars Licorice

choo choo bars licorice

Choo Choo Bars Licorice

Choo Choo Bars Licorice were originally a Nestle product now made by Lagoon. It has been approximately 20 years since Choo Choo Bars left the shelves, but people have never forgotten them. Their make of this classic is sure to bring lovers into a tither scouring the specialty lolly shops for them. Lollyworld has Choo Choo Bars. A hard licorice toffee, suck them from one end or also break into pieces. Wrapped in an iconic blue wrapper with a picture of an old steam train each bar is 20gm. They are available in a pack of 5 or in boxes of 50. Lollyworld has seen joyous customers purchasing handfuls of Choo Choo Bars, and also whole boxes of the Licorice Sticks.

Choosing ‘Cool Protection’ at the end of the checkout will keep your order in the best condition. We recommend this for chocolate products during the warmer months. Australia wide delivery on time, in perfect condition and in your belly.

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