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Mixed Lollies for Parties

Mixed Lollies for Parties

Mixed lollies for parties will help make organising your party that much easier. Great for goody bags to give out after the party or also bulk to put in a bowl. To help you Lollyworld uses Cadbury Fresha Party Mix and Allseps Australian brands. It includes some of your favourite lollies. With a yummy mix of Laughs, Strawberries and Creams, Raspberries and Milk Bottles. There is also Witchitee Grubs, Snakes, Jubes and Wine Gums. I love the Wine Gums and also the Milk Bottle lollies.

The mixed lollies are available in small loot bag sizes starting at 100g. You can also buy the 100g bags in bulk lots. I would recommend the 1.3kg lollies if you are having a party. Larger events might need the 10kg bulk mixed lollies. We see these used a lot for sports clubs who bag the lollies into small bags to resell for their club.

Choosing ‘Cool Protection’ at the end of the checkout will keep your order in the best condition. We recommend this for chocolate products during the warmer months. Australia wide delivery on time, in perfect condition and in your belly.

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