Gold Chocolate Coins


Gold Chocolate Coins come in 100g, 400g, 1kg and 5kg . Use for corporate functions, promotions or even loot bags at Pirate parties. The Gold Chocolate Coins are commonly used at trade shows and also conventions by businesses as table decorations and give aways.  Each chocolate coin depicts an Australian $1 coin on front and back of the coin. The Chocolate Coins are 40mm in diameter. Made in Italy using high quality chocolate.

  • 100g contains approx 16 Chocolate Coins
  • 400g contains approx 64 Chocolate Coins.
  • 1kg contains approx 160 Chocolate Coins.
  • 5kg contains approx 800 Chocolate Coins.

Click on and add ‘Cool Protection’ in the shopping cart or from its category.  We pack your order in a cool box with an ice brick to protect against the heat. We highly recommend this for use during the warmer months when purchasing chocolate.