Chupa Chups


Chupa Chups must be close to the original lollipop having been around for 65 years. Purchase in a 10 pack, 100 pack and 1,000 pack Mega Tin. In all sizes the Chupa Chup flavours will be a mixed assortment. Each Chupa Chup is approx 12 grams. The 1000pc mega tin is great value for businesses that want to give away a quality lollipop at any corporate function where a little sweetness is in need. Great for 80’s themed parties. The 10 pack comes in a bag and the 100 pack will come in a cardboard box. The Mega Tin is a gigantic colourful tin which would make a great item of memorabilia or side table.

Click on and add ‘Cool Protection’ in the shopping cart or from its category.  We pack your order in a cool box with an ice brick to protect against the heat. We highly recommend this for use during the warmer months when purchasing chocolate.