Allens Sampler Mix


Allens Sampler Mix is a mix we’ve done ourselves. The Allens Party Mix doesn’t have the entire range of Allens jube lollies and there is always that one lolly that you want that it doesn’t have. So we have put together our random mix of each lolly you’ll find listed in our Allens category including the Allens Party Mix and The Allens Retro Mix. Enjoy all the Allens you love in one bag. Also a great way to try a little from the Allens jube lolly range. Some items may be out of stock at the time of packaging.

Click on and add ‘Cool Protection’ in the shopping cart or from its category.  We pack your order in a cool box with an ice brick to protect against the heat. We highly recommend this for use during the warmer months when purchasing chocolate.