Cool Protection


Cool Protection is an option you can choose once in the shopping cart. You will have your order sent with a cool box** and ice brick.  This will help protect your products, and keep them in the best possible condition. We recommend this option especially during the warmer months. Please bear in mind we are in Brisbane. If you are ordering a delivery to places like the Northern Territory and Western Australia, your order will take at least 7 days and cool protection may not be effective in the Summer. It can only protect so much, it will not stop some chocolate melting. Please reconsider having a chocolate delivery during the  hottest time of the year. Our products have lengthy best before dates, up to 12 months in some cases, so you can order for a Summer function early.

**We have started to trial the Chilltainers in place of the foam box. They are 95-97% recyclable, biodegradable and will not break during transit. If you have had your order sent in a foam box, and receive one in the new Chilltainer, we would appreciate your feedback.

***Due to the size of the carton of candy canes, cool protection will not be used.