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Latest News & Products

lolly sale
Lolly Sale

Lolly Sale! Lolly Sale? Yes, we are having a sale to make way for new...

Chocolate Mini Santas 4kg
Ordering Candy Canes in May… But Christmas is in December!

Move over Jon Snow, Christmas is coming! With the year going so fast you are...

Christmas The Silly Season

Christmas When you’re a kid, Christmas can’t come quick enough. All you have to do...

Dutch Licorice here in Australia
Dutch Licorice is Here in Australia at Lollyworld

Dutch Licorice here in Australia at Lollyworld When we opened our store 7 years ago,...

Candy Sugar Eggs

Candy Sugar Eggs are one those childhood memories that will stay with you forever. I...

Mixed Lollies for Parties
Mixed Lollies for Parties

Mixed Lollies for Parties Mixed lollies for parties will help make organising your party that...


A World of Lollies is what you’ll find, either shop in store, or online.

There are Jelly Beans, Jaffas, Milkos and Minties. Click on ‘Allens Lollies’ and find Australian jubes a plenty.

Harry Potter, Bean BoozledHersheys & Reeses. Without Peanut Butter M&M’s, I think we’d all go to pieces.

Dutch Licorice is really salty it’s our most popular line. Diamonds, Chalk & Herrings. Cats, Cubes & Black Coins.

We do Christmas gifts, Easter Eggs, Valentines & HalloweenGift Baskets, Gluten Free, too many, we have to be seen.

We love our little lolly shop, visit our Lawnton store. Or join our Facebook for new products, funny stuff and more.

 But mostly funny cat videos…  😆