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  • Allens Lollies

    Allens Lollies (22)

    Allens Lollies at Lollyworld are one of our most popular brands and proudly Australian. Purchase in bulk and also a handy snack size. We've also put together our famous 'Sampler mix'. This includes all the range of Allens soft jube lollies in one fantastic mix.
  • American Candy

    American Candy (30)

    American Candy online and in store at Lollyworld. Pick up at Lawnton or have them delivered Australia wide. USA Dr Pepper, Peanut Butter M&Ms, Reeses and also Hershey Bars and more. Browse through the range we have from America.
  • Boiled Lollies

    Boiled Lollies (12)

    Boiled Lollies are an old fashioned sweet that never goes out of style. Available at the Brisbane Lollyworld or delivered Australia Wide.
  • Bulk Lollies

    Bulk Lollies (31)

    Bulk Lollies and chocolates for corporate events, marketing promotions or also just a party. Just can't get enough of your favourite lolly? Find it here in bulk.
  • Cakes and Parties

    Cakes and Parties (16)

    Cakes and Parties go together so you will find heaps of cute things for your next party. Cake toppers and ready made party packs. Bulk lollies for corporate functions or lolly buffets.
  • Christmas Sweets

    Christmas Sweets (24)

    Christmas Sweets for the one special day of the year to get together with family or friends and eat 'til our hearts content. Adding chocolates and lollies with a festive theme adds to the day and make it just that little more special. What will you be taking?
  • Corporate

    Corporate (12)

    Corporate events needing bulk items for promotional days, marketing or client gifts at Lollyworld. Delivered Australia wide or visit our Brisbane store.
  • Dutch Licorice

    Dutch Licorice (16)

    Dutch Licorice is a very popular product at Lollyworld. You will find all your favourite K&H, Venco and also Meenk licorice. K & H are now known as Continental Candy Industries.  Go Dutch and have this salty licorice today.
  • Easter

    Easter (29)

    Easter eggs for the kids Easter Egg hunt and also bulk Easter mini eggs for a corporate function. Bulk solid mini eggs by Cadbury, Red Tulip gift boxes and the traditional Lindt gold bunny. Candy eggs are also here at Lollyworld. Have your Easter delivered to your door or shop in store.
  • English Sweets

    English Sweets (9)

    English Sweets from your favourite lolly makers. Tilley's and Bassetts are still making the lollies you grew up with. Take a trip down memory lane and enjoy today with Australia wide delivery.
  • Gift Boxes

    Gift Boxes (1)

    Gift Boxes for any occasion. These are made to order and seasonal. We have two easy options available. We will choose a great variety of chocolate and lollies to that value including the box and gift wrapping. Leave a note if you would like the gift box to be seasonal.
  • Gluten Free Lollies

    Gluten Free Lollies (30)

    Gluten Free Lollies in Brisbane at Lollyworld in store or have your favourites delivered to your door.
  • Halloween

    Halloween (10)

    Halloween treats for you to trick or treat or just pick and eat. Ghost drops and skeleton chocs, black cats and also sour worms. Get ready for a night of fun for the kids in your neighborhood.
  • Honey

    Honey (1)

    Nothin but Honey is the first product from the randy bee range. Beautiful local honey from our own hives. We live in Pine Rivers near Samsonvale Dam and have always dabbled in self sufficiency. Starting out with native bees, the next natural progression was the European Honey Bee. We wanted to extract our own honey and bottle it without all the processes in between. We love our bees and we love our honey and we think you will too. They have produced the most natural tasting honey that gets extracted, sieved and bottled. Due to quarantine laws we are unable to send honey to WA.
  • Licorice

    Licorice (19)

    Licorice from Australia, England, New Zealand and also Holland. We carry a great assortment of shapes and textures to satisfy your licorice needs. Try the Licorice Mix if you can't make your mind up.
  • Lollies and Chocolates

    Lollies and Chocolates (110)

    Lollies and chocolates are such a selection at Lollyworld. Buy in bulk or just a snack size bag. Pack for a party or a picnic, you'll find lollies for any occasion.
  • Lollipops

    Lollipops (12)

    Lollipops in bulk bags for parties and also promotional give away.
  • Lolly Clearance

    Lolly Clearance (1)

    Lollies to clear or getting close to their 'best before'.
  • New Zealand Sweets

    New Zealand Sweets (29)

    New Zealand Sweets including chocolates, lollies and biscuits. Make the traditional lolly cake. Also dunk a Gingernut biscuit in your hot chocolate, you know Griffins won't break.
  • Sugar Free

    Sugar Free (5)

    Sugar Free lollies are the lollies you have when you can't have a lolly.
  • Wedding

    Wedding (24)

    Wedding Chocolates and Sugared Almonds. Lollipops and Conversation Hearts. Wedding sweets are no longer just about the bonbonniere as they are about the lolly buffet. Also, have a look at the bulk lollies for lolly buffet options. If you'd like some help or have any questions flick us an email.